The new Panathinaikos stadium will be ready in 2026

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The Mayor of Athens, Kostas Bakoyiannis, gave a press conference from the Votanikos neighbourhood where the new Panathinaikos stadium will be built and expressed his confidence that the "greens" will have their own stadium in 2026.

The mayor emphasised that today is a important day for the Double Redevelopment project, since the auction of the Panathinaikos football stadium officially begins. But he pointed out that the road is still long and that there should be no complacency.

Finally, he did not hide his faith that the schedules will be respected to the fullest and that in 2026 Panathinaikos will have its new stadium.

Bakoyannis said that the new stadium "is not a dream anymore", adding that "preliminary work will start by Christmas."

He also said that the construction budget reaches 123 million euros, including VAT. and its financing is secured.

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"Our goal is to keep to the schedules. Something we are achieving so far as you can see. They are practically two big projects. One is the infrastructure (roads, parks, etc.) and the other is the facilities," the mayor continued.

"The infrastructure study is being completed and we will soon make more announcements. Let's not forget that we also have to adhere to time constraints from the Recovery Fund," he explained.

"It is absolutely possible to enter the new stadium in 2026. We have a path ahead of us with a series of bureaucratic issues. The auction is absolutely "protected".

Regarding the Panathinaikos museum:

"It will also exist inside the new stadium, but there will also be another one where Leoforos stands today."

The plans of the Panathinaikos stadium:

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