Joanna Paliospirou on the new acid attack: No one can decide on someone else's life

Joanna Paliospirou

Joanna Paliospirou gave her thoughts on the 38-year-old woman who attacked her 36-year-old estranged husband in Heraklion with caustic liquid.

Through her social media account, she condemned the attack that occurred early on Saturday morning:

"Only a few days after the announcement with the Minister of Health, Mr. Plevris, about the establishment of the Burn Registry in our country, unfortunately a new attack with caustic liquid occurred.

"No one and for no reason can decide on the life and health of another person.

"I want to thank the Minister of Health again for his immediate intervention and our cooperation, so that the gap in the coverage of basic treatments and materials for us burn victims can be resolved. We will talk about the rest soon."

Meanwhile, speaking to MEGA's main bulletin, she said: "Every time such an incident happens, I get the same rapid heartbeat because I know and know very well the pain that the victim goes through, it always upsets and crushes me. That's really the word."

Regretful for the acid attack against her husband but at the same time convinced that things would not have taken this turn if the 36-year-old's family had not intervened in their relationship, the 38-year-old wife explained the reason why she had come into a fierce confrontation with her husband and with the rest of his family members, especially his brothers.


She claims that the 36-year-old's brothers never approved of their relationship and are the ones responsible for the sudden change in her husband's behaviour towards her. Specifically, she said: "They tore me and him apart because of honour."

"He had spent so much time in prison, he was disturbed by what he had experienced, sore and wounded in the leg. And what did they do to him? They were pressuring him to divorce me and I was being threatened..."


About what preceded her attack on him, but also what happened in the early hours of Saturday at the hotel in Heraklion, Crete, the 38-year-old said that: "We met at the hotel. We drank our wines and made love. Immediately after that he went to a club, which is next to the hotel, and returned at 5 in the morning."

"Then he started threatening me for the umpteenth time, saying that if I have an affair, his people will kill me and I will be in the dirt. I took the liquid I had in a jar in my bag and poured it on him," she said.

She made it clear that she did not go to the hotel with the intention of harming him: "I had not premeditated anything. We had been to the hotel four times. Was I waiting for the fourth time to hurt him? I had the liquid with me as a means of protection because I had no other weapon."


At the same time, the 38 -year-old claimed that she has filed a lawsuit against the victim's brother for domestic violence, stating about her ex-husband: “He used to beat me. But I didn't want him to go to jail again. He's out on probation for that and I didn't sue him."

"They are armed. If I were to be cornered somewhere and started on the wood again, how would I defend myself? I also have two children with me. Of course, we have come this far by accident," she added.

The well-known criminologist Alexis Kougia has taken over the case on behalf of the victim and revealed that the perpetrator made repeated attempts to harm the 36-year-old since last April. He also expressed the family's dissatisfaction with the fact that the 38-year-old remains free.

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