Tsipras declares SYRIZA can claim the lead – Latest poll finds 8.7% difference in favour of New Democracy

SYRIZA Alexis Tsipras

SYRIZA president Alexis Tsipras expressed his belief that his party can overturn the difference with the ruling New Democracy (ND), which was recorded in an opinion poll, and win the elections.

Speaking to SKAI, Tsipras in this way indirectly responded to MARC's new poll, which was announced by ANT1 and found the ruling party had a 8.7% lead.

In a full-length interview on the station's main news bulletin, Tsipras emphasised that if his party comes first in the elections, he will seek a government coalition, primarily with PASOK-KINAL.

He clarified though that in the event of SYRIZA coming second, then there is a question of moral legitimacy for the formation of a government.

Tsipras pointed out that "Mr. Mitsotakis admits that he cannot cooperate with anyone", while regarding PASOK's attitude he said that its president, Nikos Androulakis, may not now clearly answer what he intends to do, but when he gets the "'hot potato' in his hand, he will have to answer for cooperation."

Defending once again coalition governments and after citing examples from other countries, he asked "if we had a coalition government would we have the disgrace of eavesdropping?".

This was in reference to the spying scandal that Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis is embroiled in.

As for his optimism regarding SYRIZA's goal of winning the election, Tsipras explained that the measurements show a difference in favour of the ND constantly decreasing, but also a pool of undecideds constantly growing, just as dissatisfaction with the government is growing.

In his estimation, all this in combination with the fact that among the young public SYRIZA is, according to all measurements, the first party, then his party can win the elections.

However, the new MARC measurement shows that there are no changes in the correlations, compared to the previous September poll.

New Democracy scores 32.4% (from 32.8%), SYRIZA 23.7% (from 24.1%), PASOK 11.2% (from 11.4%), KKE (Communist Party of Greece) 5.2 % (from 5.4%), the Hellenic Solution 4.4% (from 4.1%) and MeRA25 3.1% (from 2.8%).

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48.9% evaluate the government positively, while 49.7% of the respondents judge it negatively. In the evaluation of SYRIZA, 74.2% judge the main opposition party negatively.

In the popularity of political leaders, Kyriakos Mitsotakis had 50.1%, Alexis Tsipras 35.5% and Nikos Androulakis 35%.

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