Crete: 80-year-old parrot eats tzatziki and serves raki to tourists

crete mike parrot

Mike is probably oldest parrot in Crete, but this is not why tourists flock to see him. The parrot is crazy about tzatziki, he causes problems for anyone who wears black clothes, and he declares his love for his owner Stefanos Dimelas and does not hesitate to cover him with kisses during live TV!

The parrot was a guest on "Kalo Mesimeri". Hosts Lefteris and Christiana were impressed by Mike giving, among other things, several kisses to the man who has been taking care of him like his own child for 22 years and stories of him serving raki to tourists.

And the stories about the oddities and tastes of the 80-year-old African parrot, who sometimes pretends to be a football referee and sometimes a traffic policeman, are delightful. In fact, Mike is not modest at all, and describes himself as a "superstar".

Watch the video:

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