GREECE 2023: When are the public holidays and long-weekends?

Greece 2023 Calendar

With only a few weeks left of 2022, people are already beginning to plan what kind of calendar they will have for 2023, and more importantly, when the holidays are next year.

In total, excluding Easter and Christmas, 2023 has 3 long weekend holidays, while the day of the Holy Spirit is also a fourth one for those few who do not work.

The 2023 holidays in detail:

New Year’s Day: Sunday, January 1
Epiphany: Friday, January 6
Clean Monday: Monday, February 27th
Annunciation of the Virgin Mary: Saturday, March 25
Good Friday: April 14
Holy Saturday: April 15
Easter Sunday: April 16
Easter Monday: April 17
Labor Day: Monday, May 1
Holy Spirit: Monday, June 5
Fifteenth of August: Tuesday, August 15
October 28: Saturday, October 28
Christmas: Monday, December 25th
Feast of the Virgin Mary: Tuesday, December 26

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