UP IN SMOKE: Greek man burns €‎13,000 in fireplace not knowing wife hid money there (VIDEO)


A video on social media shows a woman's comical tragedy after she saw her savings reduced to ashes within two minutes when her husband lit the fireplace.

The video was published by a friend of hers on TikTok, who wrote: "When in 2 minutes the 13,000 euros you have hidden in the fireplace turns to ashes."

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As her friend claims in response to the questions of TikTok users, the unfortunate girl had decided to hide the amount of 13,000 euros she had collected with her partner. She thought that the best hiding place was the fireplace.

So she put the money there and fell asleep. However, she had not informed her partner, who as soon as he returned home, lit the fireplace.

As soon as the woman woke up, she was shocked. The money had turned to ashes.

She took what was left of the money to the bank and finally managed to save 5,000 euros.

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