Directus: "Pakistani intelligence agency assets are in Greece; provocations against India are being orchestrated"

Directus Pakistani

The  (ISI) agency have assets in Greece, while at the same time,  anti-India actions are being orchestrated by the Pakistani community, Directus reported.

The report:

"The show of force with the Pakistani marches in the centre of Athens is a danger signal that we should not ignore. The Greek government bears the ultimate responsibility for this incredible provocation against India and immediate action must be taken!

"It is a given that some Pakistanis in Greece are related to the ISI. The Turkish intelligence agency MIT works closely with the ISI. A brake must be put on the parallel state they are building, before it is too late.

"Turkey and Pakistan have embarked on a joint (dis)information strategy in the media to create a narrative that fits their geographical, political and defence interests in the Mediterranean and South Asia like a glove.

"It is clearly a Turkish-Pakistani information alliance in the context of the Turkish hybrid war, which Ankara has been waging against Greece in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean for at least two years."

The Directus report then highlighted anti-India actions taking place in Greece, quoting a social media page, as announcing:

"In honour of the officials and members of 'Friends of Kashmir in Greece', a grand reception was organised at the Elah Deen Restaurant. The head of this reception was Azim Khan, head of the Pakistani Embassy in Greece, while he was accompanied by the Immigration Consul, Mr. Safiullah.

"Supporting organisations of Friends of Kashmir and other active members and personalities were also invited to the reception.

"At the end of the ceremony, the officials of Friends of Kashmir thanked the guests and expressed the hope that they will continue to show unity and full solidarity with the Kashmiri community in the future for the cause of Kashmir.”

Commenting on the event, Directus wrote:

"At a time when Kashmir is being shaken by racist, Islamic terrorism with victims being civilians, teachers and priests, Greece has turned into a centre of terrorist propaganda. An unthinkable fact at a time when India is openly working in favour of our national issues, especially in the Cyprus issue."

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