Qatar World Cup: 'Sexiest fan' poses in G-string swimsuit and risks arrest (VIDEO)


The match between Croatia and Morocco at the World Cup being held in Qatar was of rather non-football interest. And the score may have ended 0-0 and many fans may have lost interest at times in events on the field, but there was one thing that made all spectators turn their eyes to the stands.

The presence of former Miss Croatia Ivana Knoll could not go unnoticed. And that's because in a year when the prohibitions regarding clothing are very strict, the model decided to scandalise modesty and make appearances that may even lead her to... jail.

Ivana Knoll decided to show her high spirit and strong patriotism despite the strict rules. And she probably succeeded, as she appeared in Qatar in a G-string swimsuit.

Slightly more modest, i.e. without a swimsuit and with clothes on instead, was her appearance at the Al-Bayat stadium. The model wore a red and white plaid dress, in an obvious reference to her country's flag. The garment was long and came with a hood.

However, this probably doesn't protect her either as the plunging neckline is not certain to be approved by Qatar's strict laws.

However, the warnings were clear. "Visitors (male and female) are expected to show respect for local culture by avoiding overly revealing clothing for the public," Qatar 's tourism authority warned ahead of the World Cup.

The model not only caught the eyes of the fans, but also wanted to be noticed by FIFA, who made sure to inform her by tagging her in her posts.

Her posts also provoked users. "Yes, Qatar police," one Instagram user wrote. "Respect our country and religion," wrote another. Some of her followers say that what she did was a shame as she did not respect the culture of other countries.

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