Cypriot Australian Andrew Lambrou Signs With Greek Label Panik Records

Andrew Lambrou Panik Records

Andrew Lambrou has now signed with Panik Records having traveled to Greece following the recording of his Eurovision entry.

The Cypriot representative for Eurovision 2023, Andrew Lambrou has now signed with Panik Records. The Australian-born singer is currently in Europe to record his Eurovision entry as well as speak to the media about his participation in the competition.

Andrew Lambrou was in Athens yesterday to meet with Panik Records and sign the label. He signed with the label alongside CEO Giorgos Arsenakos, Panik Records is working with CyBC again this year to help fund Cyprus’ participation in the Eurovision Song Contest, the label has worked with Cyprus every year since 2020.

In addition, OGAE Greece has reported the names of the full team behind the song that Andrew Lambrou will perform in Liverpool. Jimmy Jansson, Thomas Stengaard, Jimmy Thörnfeldt and Marcus Winther-John have all worked on the song that will represent Cyprus next May, all have past experience at Eurovision. Jimmy Thörnfeldt was part of the team behind Cyprus, Sweden and San Marino 2021, while Marcus Winther-John worked on Andorra’s 2009 entry.

Andrew Lambrou was born to Greek-Cypriot parents in Sydney, Australia. Earlier this year, he took part in Eurovision 2022: Australia Decides. He finished seventh with “Electrify”.

Who is Andrew Lambrou?

Andrew Lambrou is 24 years old, who lives and works in Sydney. He performs and writes his own songs since the age of five.

At the age of just 17, he impressed all four X Factor judges, who easily got him through to the next stage. Having received great feedback from the four big names sitting in the judges’ seats (Danii Minogue, James Blunt, Chris Isaak, Guy Sebastian). Andrew got through the first round with four ‘YES’, performing his rendition of Nick Jonas’ song “Chains”.

In the second phase, the 5 seat challenge, the coach of the Boys under 25 team, Chris Isaak, was asked to choose only five out of the boys to go through. Andrew sang “Ain’t nobody” by Chaka Khan and achieved a Top 5 spot.

It is worth noting that Andrew Lambrou became known well before his participation on X-Factor, due to his YouTube Channel, where he uploads various covers of popular (mostly pop) songs.

Unfortunately, Andrew was not as lucky in the next phase, the Super Home Visits phase, as he did not manage to make it to the top 3 and enter the live shows. This is attributed mostly to his musical inexperience at the time. However, experts in the field, like Simon Cowell, remarked upon Andrew’s promising career in the industry.

It now remains to be seen if Andrew Lambrou will try again for the Australian national final despite his recent disappointing results or whether CYBC, after this year’s non-qualification, will follow on the ERT’s footsteps and send an expatriate artist to the ESC.

Check out his performance at Australia Decides 2022 below:

Source: Panik Records, OGAE Greece