The first snow of the season fell on Greece's mountains and the images are enchanting


The first snow of the 2022-23 winter season began to fall in the mountains of Greece, with Grevena, Florina, Metsovo and other areas covered in white and officially welcoming winter.

Since the morning of Sunday, November 27, it has been snowing in Vasilitsa Grevena, where it is preparing to receive the first winter sports enthusiasts. The state is urging drivers to put chains on their vehicles and use extra caution.

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From Saturday night until today it is snowing in the Pertouliotika meadows and in the ski centre of Pertouli.

Work vehicles s of the Region of Thessaly are constantly clearing the roads so that there is no problem with the movement of vehicles. Of course, visitors have already started going up to the mountains in cars and buses in order to see some "white" and play in the snow.

The temperature has dropped below 0 and the snowfall is holding well.

The first snow fell on the Pertouli ski centre in Pertouliotika meadows, Trikala on Sunday 27-11-2022

The weather today (28/11)

The weather has changed since the first midnight hours of Monday 28/11, with rain in several areas of the country, local storms in the Aegean and temporary snowfalls in mountainous continental parts as well as in areas of Western Macedonia with a lower altitude.

According to the the National Observatory of Athens /, with the exception of Western Greece where temporary clouds are expected, the phenomena in the rest of the country will continue until the end of the day, while strong storms that may locally be accompanied by hail, will manifest in the Dodecanese, the Eastern Cyclades and possibly the eastern parts of Crete.

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