Athens rocked by 4.8 magnitude tremors

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At 06:30 am on Tuesday, November 29, an earthquake occurred in Evia, in the area of ​​Zarakes. It was felt by the inhabitants of Attica.

According to automatic measurements of the Geodynamic Institute of Athens, the epicenter of seismic vibrations was located 8 km southeast of Evia, in the area of ​​Zarakes, and had a magnitude of 4.8 on the Richter scale. Due to the small depth, according to the Geodynamic Institute – only 5 km, the earthquake was quite noticeable. An aftershock of magnitude 3.2 followed later with an epicenter in the same area.

Seismologist Efthymios Lekkas noted before that it is too early to tell if the first shock is a major quake. According to seismologist Gerasimos Papadopoulos, the area where the quake hit “has had smaller earthquakes in the past.” He says:

“Obviously, this area is under seismic impact. This area needs attention. It requires a very good assessment.”

According to Mr. Papadopoulos, it was a surface earthquake, “and the whole seismic series in the area are such earthquakes.” Seismic tremors were also felt by residents of the Greek capital. At 01:38 am on Tuesday, an earthquake measuring 3.3 on the Richter scale with an epicenter of 9 km, northeast of Nea Styra, hit the same area.