Football Canterbury appoints Greek Australian Nick Kambounias as new Chairman


Football Canterbury announced the appointment of Greek Australian Nick Kambounias as its new Chairman following the Association’s Annual General Meeting held recently along with two new board members.

According to the announcement, outgoing chairman Armando Gardiman and outgoing director Anthony D’Agruma ended their tenures after completing their fourth consecutive term, the maximum allowed as per the Football Canterbury constitution, while director Nick Kambounias was up for re-election.

This left three spots available on the board with five nominees:

Matthew Greenlaw
Keith Irving
Nick Kambounias
Georgie Kokokiris
Adrian Timbs
Two members from every full member club were eligible to vote as well as all Football Canterbury Life Members. Directors of the Board (unless life members) were not eligible to vote.

The successful candidates were: Nick Kambounias (re-elected), Georgie Kokokiris, and Matthew Greenlaw. They make-up the composition of the board along with existing directors Ashleigh Campbell, Maria Gissing, Youcef Kabbara, and Liza Schaeper.

Following the election of directors, Kambounias was appointed as the new chairman. Kambounias becomes the fourth chairman of Football Canterbury since the board structure and constitution was altered in 2014.

About Nick Kambounias

Founder of Cooks River Titans, Kambounias was first elected to the Football Canterbury board in 2021 and quickly started working on initiatives to provide opportunities and growth for all players in the association.

Kambounias played a big part in the creation of the CDSFA Representative League and was part of the group who introduced Summer Fives, two projects that has made it clear that he is here for the good of the game and Football Canterbury.

“Over the past 100 years there’s been a lot of blood, sweat, and tears that have gone into this organisation so it’s an honour to be elected as the leader,” said Kambounias.

“This board is a very capable board and for them to have nominated me and chosen me as the chairman is an honour and a huge privilege. It’s a role I must deliver with pride, with dignity, and with complete openness and fairness to all clubs.

“I will strive to deliver the best I can for Football Canterbury and for the clubs to make sure that our association continues to be recognised as one of the leading associations in the state and that it maintains its fantastic reputation that it holds with key stakeholders.

“The two new board members that have been elected are young and therefore they come with a lot of new ideas and with a lot of energy. The remaining board members have been fantastic as well: they carry a lot of experience. So to lead such a dynamic and diverse board, I think is huge and gives Football Canterbury and all the clubs a great potential for growth.”