Over 14,500 public sector workers to be relocated

tax return office pubic sector

Applications will open on Monday for the relocation of 14,563 workers already in the public sector. The relevant government committee approved the changes requested by 805 agencies, mostly (32%) by city administrations, followed by requests by agencies or organizations (25%) and by ministries (12%).

Of the total approved, 12,998 relate to transfers from one permanent position to another, while the remaining 1,565 relate to temporary transfers of staff to cover needs elsewhere.

According to AMNA, the committee gave emphasis to approving requests related to central or local government and their agencies, to health facilities such as hospitals and the emergency ambulance service (EKAV), the judiciary, and the online services of the social security agency (e-EFKA).

Staff will be applying online at https://hr.apografi.gov.gr/login, from December 4 to December 14. Interested civil servants have a right to apply to a total of 10 positions in 3 agencies at most.

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