MAESTRO IN BLUE: Haris Alexiou's Prosefchi is trending on YouTube and is back on the Greek music charts

Haris Alexiou maestro

The song Prosefchi (Prayer) by Haris Alexiou, which we heard for the first time on the album "Odos Nefelis '88" in 1995, comes again today to embrace us through the successful series "Maestro" by Christoforos Papakaliatis.

This song, which the popular director and screenwriter listened to while writing the series, gave him inspiration to give a role to Haris. We had the pleasure of enjoying, among other things, this song in the last episode of the series - a wonderful way to end the first season.

The track has been loved by the public, since it is at #18 on YouTube Trends, as well as #12 on the Greek Shazam Chart.

On December 19, "Maestro" began its journey on Netflix and became the first Greek series to join the popular platform, while it is already in the 1st place of the Greek top 10 chart. Prosefchi is released by Cobalt Music.

Watch the video:

Maestro, which aired on Greek television this fall, has premiered on Netflix in Greece and Cyprus and will soon be available everywhere in the world with the new title “Maestro in Blue.” Created for Mega TV by Christoforos Papakaliatis, who also stars in the series, it’s the first Greek series to be picked up by the streaming service.

What should you expect from “Maestro in Blue”? If you’re familiar with Greek television, you’ll recognise the concept immediately: love affairs, family drama, and crime taking place in an otherwise idyllic small-town setting.

The plot, which unfolds over nine episodes, sees musician Orestis (Papakaliatis) arrive on the island of Paxos to organise the return of the island’s summer music festival. There, he gets entangled with the lives of the locals, including someone he’s met before – the beautiful, but much younger Klelia (played by Klelia Andriolatou).

Without revealing too specific plot spoilers here, it quickly develops into Kay Pollak’s “As it is in Heaven,” meets… “Ozark.” Themes of domestic violence, homophobia, and addiction surface quickly, as various members of the small community narrate from their perspectives.

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