Christmas message from Archbishop Makarios of Australia

St. Basil’s Homes- Letter to His Eminence Archbishop Makarios of Australia

Dearly beloved,
Our contemporary world, in its majority, is not opposed to the presence of various religions.

It has however conceptually created an impression of what constitutes religion, from which it acknowledges certain ideas, cultural aspects and teachings, its social contribution and historical interrelation to people and civilisation. In essence, the preferential reasoning of the world is to accept religion bereft of the very presence of God.

This also is a new tendency in the new world order. Religion without God!
For us however, who are Greek Orthodox, our faith is not an ideology, a cultural facet or a mere aspect of our national identity but is rather established in the very presence of the Incarnate, Crucified and Resurrected Christ.

We firmly believe that we have a living faith and a living God. And it is this true and living God that we want in our life, it is He whom we desire, it is He in whom we believe, it is He in whom we hope.
On the occasion of today's resplendent celebration of the Nativity of Christ, I wish for you all to have all that is good from God in your life and may the new year 2023 be joyful and blessed, peaceful and salvific for your families, relatives and friends, for our Nation and our Church.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and many blessed years!