Media quizzes Turkish citizens: "Of course I would participate in a landing of the Greek islands" (VIDEO)

Turkish citizen

The well-known website En Son Haber shot a video in which Turkish citizens express their enthusiasm to be involved in the invasion of Greece's Aegean Islands.

Journalist: We asked citizens about the Greek-Turkish tension.

Citizen 1: When we see Greece, according to the expression of many, it is the spoiled child of Europe. It is a country which, with air from Europe and spoiled, tries to cast spells on Turkey. At the same time, it is a country which cannot be compared with Turkey and which does not have the power to fight with Turkey

Journalist: If we landed on the Aegean islands would you participate in that battle?

Citizen 1: But this is our 100-year nostalgia

Journalist: Would you go, would you like to join?

Citizen 1: Of course I want to. At this moment, the Greek flag is flying on the islands in front of our noses. In the past we were wrong to give them to Greece and we have to take them back.

7 27Journalist: Are we really going to enter Greece?

Citizen 2: Of course we will. Turkey is no longer the old Turkey. One night suddenly. As we are currently conducting military operations abroad, we can also enter Greece, which is a place equal to Istanbul.

8 19Citizen 3 : Of course we'll hit it. We will enter Greece within 24 hours from this border and exit from the other

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  1. These Turkish citizens say they gave Greece those Islands how dare they. Western Turkey belongs to Greece it was stolen from Greece and hopefully one day Greece will take that land back!