Christy White: Former GNTM contestant reveals how little erotic film stars actually earn in Greece

Christy white sugarbabes

Christy White, a former contestant of Greece's Next Top Model (GNTM), revealed what goes on behind the scenes when adult films are made and just how little the stars actually earn.

For movies aimed at people over 18, there are various myths... Some are true and others are just a lie that has survived time. Answers to what is really true was given by Christy White, the Sugar Babes star who has been in the sex industry for the past two years after being cut from GNTM.

She spoke to YouTube channel FrediGtv, revealing some unknown details.

Regarding salaries in Greece, she said: "The man gets 300 euros per shoot and the woman gets 500. Of course, this can change, depending on what you do."

When it was pointed out to her that most people have the impression that the salaries in Greece are higher and reach a 4-digit number, she categorically no.

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As she said, among other things, everyone is obliged to take tests every 14 days, while she also revealed that she entered the sex industry because she was jealous of her partner who did this job.

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