Greece to Nominate Nicopolis for Inclusion on UNESCO World Heritage Site List

The Nicopolis ancient Odeon. Photo source: Visit Preveza.

The Greek Ministry of Culture is planning to nominate the Nicopolis archaeological site near Preveza, Epirus, as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The creation of Nicopolis’ nomination file as well as the necessary renovation and infrastructure works at the site, some of which are already taking place, were discussed during a meeting held in Athens by Culture Minister Lina Mendoni with Epirus Regional Governor Alexandros Kachrimanis and Preveza Mayor Nikos Georgakos.

“Promoting the Nicopolis site worldwide has been a priority for our ministry,” said Mendoni, adding that when fully operational the site will be an accessible archaeological park of significant historic and cultural value.

Before the Nicopolis file is submitted to UNESCO include the completion of the pending eminent domains so that the archaeological site is unified; the documentation of the site’s current state as well as its two-zone protection plan; the completion of all related road work in the surrounding area; and the creation of a visitor’s info building.

While discussing the pending road works in the ancient Nicopolis area, Kachrimanis praised the ministry’s detailed schedule and added that the Region would do its best to meet all deadlines before the nomination file is submitted.

Other renovation and preservation work already taking place at the archaeological site, involve the Nicopolis Theater (scheduled to be completed in 2023); the Palace Complex (scheduled to be completed in 2024); the Stadium; and mosaics and frescos on site, among others.

The archaeological site of Nikopolis is part of the Tentative list of Greece in order to qualify for inclusion in the World Heritage List.

Archaeological Site of Nikopolis

Nikopolis was an ancient Roman city on the Préveza peninsula in the northwest of modern Greece. The city was founded in 29 BC by Octavian, later Emperor Augustus, and is closely associated with the period of Romanization of ancient Greece. Nikopolis was also one of the first Christian cities. The archaeological site includes both Roman ruins and the remains of early Byzantine basilicas.