Evangelos Arvanitakis: The aerodynamics manager of F1 Alfa Romeo

Evangelos Arvanitakis

There are many Greeks who excel abroad in various fields and sectors, and make all of us proud - this is something that is certainly also true in the magical world of Formula 1 through Evangelos Arvanitakis.

Arvanitakis now has a lot of experience in Formula 1 after starting in 2009, ​​a year in which the said team won the Formula 1 world championship with Jenson Button. Since then he has worked at Mercedes (Michael Schumacher's car), Ferrari and in recent years at Alfa Romeo.

The Greek deals with aerodynamics and as it turns out, the way he works and brings results do not go unnoticed.

In 2022 he was in charge of floor aerodynamics in the Alfa Romeo car, but from this year his role is being upgraded. In a few days, his new duties are expected to be announced and will take over as head of aerodynamics for the entire Alfa Romeo car.

This is a very high position that says a lot about the abilities of Evangelos Arvanitakis.

The headquarters of the group is located in Switzerland. The Greek aerodynamicist works there and aims, in collaboration with the whole team, to bring Alfa Romeo as high as possible on the table.

Vassilis Sarimbalides is a columnist for News Auto

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