Greece: Impressive photo collection on excavations during (almost never ending) construction of Salonica metro

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A lot of impressive photos of the antiquities from the excavations in the Thessaloniki metro project have been published on the website of Attiko Metro SA.

These are important antiquities, mainly at Venizelos and Agia Sofia stations, which were discovered at different times of the construction of the metro project, and refer to different historical time periods.

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On the website of Attica Metro, it is stated that the largest archaeological excavation ever carried out in Northern Greece is being carried out in Thessaloniki, covering an area of ​​20,000 square meters.

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The archaeological work, with a total budget of 132.6 million euros, has brought to light 130,000 archaeological finds and transformed a large part of the city.

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The development of the excavations is expected with interest, as the completion of the metro extensions will also progress in the next period of time after the delivery of the initial project at the end of 2023, as has been announced.