Cyprus: Andrew Lambrou Expects “Epic” Eurovision Staging in Liverpool

Andrew Lambrou

Andrew Lambrou has spoken about his expectations of Eurovision and revealed more details regarding the song he will perform.

Speaking earlier this week the Cypriot representative Andrew Lambrou has given further details of what to expect from his Eurovision performance and song. In an interview with Yiannis Poulopoulos, he explained that his Eurovision staging will be “Epic” and would not comment on whether he will be dancing in Liverpool.

Regarding the song that will represent Cyprus in the United Kingdom, Andrew explained that “I shuddered! Immediately! And I put it on my dad too and he got the chills too!”. OGAE Greece reports that the final version of the Cypriot entry is being produced now with the inclusion of the Stockholm String Orchestra.

Cyprus now looks likely to reveal its entry for Eurovision 2023 in mid-February, with the music video to be recorded in late January/early February.

Andrew Lambrou was born to Greek-Cypriot parents in Sydney, Australia. Earlier this year, he took part in Eurovision 2022: Australia Decides. He finished seventh with “Electrify”