Greek athletes Set Guinness World Record once again

Greek athletes

Greek athletes George Kotsimpos and Apostolos have recently made history by breaking the Guinness World Record. On December 21, 2022, Kotsimpos and Dervas broke the record for "Most Consecutive Tandem Pushups" as a team (GWR site:

This impressive feat comes after Kotsimpos recovered from a shoulder injury and underwent arthroscopic surgery a few months ago.

Kotsimpos and Dervas, who train at the Iron Body Gym in Heraklion, Greece, have been preparing for their record-breaking attempts for months. Their dedication and hard work paid off when they successfully set the new record for consecutive pushups to 43 reps, beating the previous record by four reps.

Greek athletes 2
Greek athletes George Kotsimpos and Apostolos

 "We are thrilled to have achieved this record and be able to share it with our fellow athletes at Iron Body Community," said Kotsimpos. "I couldn't have done it without the support of my fellow athlete, ApostolosDervas." This isn't the first time that Kotsimpos has set a Guinness World Record. In December 2020, he set the record for "Most Hand Release Pushups in One Minute"(

Additionally, other Iron Body Gym athletes have set Guinness World Records in the past, including Kostas Stathopoulos for "Most Diamond Pushups on a Medicine Ball in One Minute" and ThanasisZoakis for "Most Burpee to Pullups in One Minute."

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