Made in Greece electric scooters should be produced

made in greece electric scooter

If you sit down and think about it a little more comprehensively, a little more calmly, you might come to the conclusion that in reality Greece does not need a car as a national product. Greece is a country with more than half of its population concentrated in two large urban centers.

In addition, the Mediterranean has a market where the percentage of two-wheelers ranks it among the top in Europe. So why is there so much hype about a car and not a motorcycle?

In a country whose engine is tourism and where heavy industry is idle, any news like a Chaos supercar, e.Go or Keraboss seems like an opportunity to take out one's repressed feelings on social media. Either it belongs to the lovers or the haters.

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But if one sits down and thinks about the facts, it would probably be preferable to talk about a motorcycle Made in Greece than about a car. Especially when it comes to something from the past (see Pony), something unreal (Chaos), something unattainable (e.Go Life), something amateur (Keraboss)...

There is a real opportunity here. The opportunity of micro-mobility combined with electromobility is an opportunity for production on Greek soil. You see, producing an electric car is simpler in both its process and its requirement for suppliers since there are far fewer mechanical parts.

And if Turkey created TOGG for large electric cars, Greece can build its own for small electric two-wheelers that will provide real solutions for those looking for cheap and flexible individual means of transportation. And this is in combination with the increase in tourism in the capital and beyond.

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You see, making an electric two-wheeler is much simpler than making an electric car.

And this is because a smaller production unit is required and a lower investment in raw materials and supplies, due to the smaller volume of batteries etc. Even if an electric scooter was more expensive than the Chinese ones, surely most of us - from its label alone - would prefer it.

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Nikos Marinopoulos is a columnist for News Auto.

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