14 regional airports in Greece broke record arrivals in 2022

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Greece has seemingly overcome the difficult years of the pandemic, with 14 regional airports in the country breaking arrivals in 2022.

It was reported after a meeting of Tourism Minister Vassilis Kikilias and Fraport Greece CEO Alexander Zinell on Tuesday that arrivals in 14 regional airports went up 3.4% compared to 2019, while international arrivals were up 7.2% compared to the pre-pandemic period.

Last year was very successful for the country's regional airports and the ministry is looking into ways to further support the extension of the tourism season, said Kikilias after the meeting.

"Extending the tourism season and promoting destinations for 12-month tourism is our main strategy," said the minister, as "the way in which we will be able to give more incentives to our airports is of key importance."

Commenting, Zinell said that "we can expect very good performance in the coming summer. We also discussed how we can facilitate the increase in tourism traffic so that we have more tourists - off season too- and I think we are on a very good track."

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