Mitsotakis on CNN: Greece will receive investment grade status right after the upcoming national elections

Mitsotakis CNN

Greece will receive its investment grade status as soon as political uncertainties have been surpassed by way of the upcoming national elections, said Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis on Friday, speaking to CNN's journalist Julia Chatterley.

The Greek Premier said he is confident that his ruling party, New Democracy, will prevail once again at the national ballot, and he added that Greece's economy is performing better than expected, which creates more fiscal space to support businesses and households.

"When they look at our debt as a percentage of GDP, they see that we have reduced it by about 40 percentage points within three years. This was the fastest reduction recorded across all European countries. But we still have money available to support vulnerable businesses and households. That's why I think our policy was successful, because it always was - and still is - both liberal -in terms of creating development- but also progressive, in terms of our support for the weakest households, and the weakest members of our society," he noted.

In reply to a question about why would Greeks reelect him to power, Mitsotakis said that would be because his government kept all its promises, reduced taxes and unemployment, and supported people through all the difficult times.

Therefore, he added, "it's experience in crisis management that counts, so the issues of reliability, stability, predictability are important for Greeks today. For the first time, they feel that the country has turned a page. I don't think they would want to risk a derailment from that course."

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