Greek F-35s "lock down" the Aegean


With the Rafale and the F-16 Viper having already changing the military landscape over the Aegean  Sea and causing great irritation in Turkey, purchasing the F-35 would completely catapult the balance of forces throughout the region in Greece's favour.

In fact, during his recent visit to Greece, the executive vice president of Lockheed Martin, which manufactures the F-35, was particularly revealing about the planes that our country is going to receive.

Mr. Greg Ulmer stated in an interview with SKAI that the Greek F-35s will be equipped with the most modern electronic warfare systems . It will be the most modern generation of the plane, the TR-3 with Block4 software, which make the plane even more powerful and practically invincible.

The new technological elements of our F-35 will allow it to have an even better surveillance of the battlefield, it will be able to detect more precisely and at a greater depth the enemy's lines. It will be able to have direct and better cooperation with the remaining friendly planes, namely the F-16s.

The modern electronic systems of the Greek F-35 will be able to "blind" enemy radars at an even greater depth, while it will render Turkey's S-400 missile defence system and any other air defence system completely useless.

These systems will definitely be included in the package of the Greek F-35s, which when we get them will be the latest generation and much more modern than counterparts that other countries have.

These will enhance the already unique capabilities of the F-35, which essentially changes the entire landscape in the Aegean, essentially being a flying platform, which cooperates and directs the rest of the forces to prevent an attack.

The F-35 is a multi-role fighter that ensures air superiority, especially beyond visual contact with the target (BVR) but also with dozens of unique capabilities and multi-role capability.

The advanced sensors and radars it uses make it something of a strategic  plane, assigning roles to other planes and weapons to jointly achieve maximum effect in selected strikes.

The stealth features add another strong card especially in the Aegean environment. The fifth generation fighter jet is particularly capable (despite what sounds to the contrary) in close air battles and also in strike missions, as it can carry a large weapon load.

Jining the Hellenic Air Force is a big leap into the future, which requires those in charge to adapt to its abilities and the new data it brings. But even as an intimidator and first strike deterrent, his plane is invaluable.

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