Georgiadis: "We laugh at Erdoğan's nonsense, the Rafale and Viper jets would crush the Turkish air force"

Adonis Georgiadis

Adonis Georgiadis spoke about Turkish provocations and Greece's readiness to respond to every move by Turkey, especially as Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is escalating his rhetoric against Greece more than usual in the lead up to the presidential election.

Referring to Erdoğan's statements against Greece, Georgiadis emphasised: "Every time we hear Erdoğan say this nonsense about suddenly coming one night, we laugh."

"I want to tell Mr. Erdoğan that if he dared to come at night, morning or afternoon, the Rafale and Viper fighter jets would crush the Turkish air force, and then having full air supremacy in the Aegean, Turkey would be at our mercy.

"We have no war mood, we are not purchasing the aircraft to make war with Turkey. But we believe in the ancient Roman saying, that if you want peace, be ready for war. So I say to Erdoğan that you can't mess with Greece.

"Mitsotakis came and the Armed Forces were strengthened, we got torpedoes, we ordered frigates, we made an alliance with France, with America, we bought the Rafales, we are continuing the Viper upgrade at a fast pace, we sent an application to enter the F-35 program - SYRIZA voted against them".

Commenting on the developments with the upgrade of Greece's economic ranking by Fitch he said: "We expected them to keep us stable, and they were the only one that had us two notches below investment grade."

The Minister of Development and Investments also emphasised that "the more the Greek economy grows faster than the forecasts and the revenues go better, the more money we will have to support the world in need." In fact, he mentioned that January 2023 went better than the forecasts.

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