Watch a Turkish Bayraktar drone "attack" a Greek island (VIDEO)

bayraktar drone

With Turkey in the pre-election period, the Erdoğan government is doing everything it can to dynamite the climate and attract mainly young voters by increasing his already commonly said threats against Greece, including with Bayraktar drones.

In the following tweet by Turkish journalist Abdullah Bozkurt, director of the Nordic Research & Monitoring Network, you will see a Bayraktar drone being launched from an aircraft carrier and targeting a Greek island and firing a missile.

Bayraktars are drone-type unmanned aerial vehicles developed for the Turkish military by the state-owned company Baykar.

It goes without saying that the video developed by the software company Havelsan is simply ridiculous since it refers to a video-game rather than a serious simulation of a military operation.

Be that as it may, the Erdoğan government uses every means and every "weapon" at its disposal to stir up "patriotic" feeling and to defend itself against the "enemy" called Greece.

Even the Turkish journalist points out in his tweet: “Greece islands reportedly targeted by armed Turkish Bayraktar drone in a simulation game developed for the military by Turkey's state-owned Air Electronics Industry (Havelsan)."

"A lighter version will be released to the public, apparently to brainwash young minds against Greece."

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