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Greek-Australian Melbourne born model Mary Vitinaros arrived in Greece in mid 2022 to embark on a new chapter in her career. The glamazon  joined the cast of StarTV’s popular reality series GNTM as a model instructor, to coach aspiring models compete for the title of Greece’s Next Top Model and a chance to begin their career in the modelling industry.

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Mary Vitinaros with GNTM judges Anastasios Sofroniou and Yiorgos Karavas

Travelling the world as a model from the age of 17-years-old, was not what the teen had her sights set on growing up, her passion was tennis and  to become a professional tennis player. Younger she attended a tennis academy competing in tournaments across Australia and even held an Australian ranking. Devastatingly, the impressive athlete was forced to revise her future tennis plans due to repeated injuries relating to her height.

On location for GNTM, Mary Vitinaros captioned: "My two favourite things tennis and my job!"


The blonde beauty had frequently caught the attention of model scouts when she was just 14-years-old, they constantly approached her mother whilst walking with her daughter through shopping malls, handing their agency’s cards encouraging their consideration of interest towards a career in modelling. After the difficult realisation that tennis wasn’t going to be a long term option, requiring to re-evaluate her ambtions, the decision came to finally accept those modelling offers and the rest as they history!

Vitinaros went on to model whilst simultaneously completing her studies and graduating university with an economics degree. The least to have ever foreseen her future in front of cameras and a life on fashion runways, more interested in holding a tennis racquet than holding a pose, proved to be a path she was destined for.

Fast forward to a now 30-year-old confident successful international model, with an illustrious thriving career that most aspiring models dream of! From living in Miami, New York, Los Angeles and now Greece, the Greek-Australian beauty has travelled to almost everywhere in the world, worked with some of the best fashion houses, designers, photographers and models in the business.


Mary Vitinaros' debut on GNTM Season 5


Notable highlights of the stunner’s career, finishing as runner up in Miss Universe Australia 2012, landing a global campaign with GUESS Marciano 2021/2022 and most recently walking in Celia Kritharioti's runway show in Paris for Fashion Week 2023.


 Photos: GUESS Marciano - Photographer Josh Ryan ©

Exclusive: Greek City Times caught up with Mary Vitinaros recently in Greece.

Meeting Mary Vitinaros, at first glance evident she possesses all the major prerequisites for a model; tall, slim and beautiful, reminiscent of a Victoria's Secret angel. Stereotypically a model in every sense visually, however having spent time with her uncovered so much more; there's something about Mary....

Aside from her obvious valuable assets required in her industry, the model mesmerisingly has a sense of an angelic-likeness about her. Her warmth, humbleness, grace and charm engulfs the people and air around her. With the exteriority importance that's necessary in modelling, it’s even more important to have that extra something special. She certainly does have that 'extra something special', it can’t be taught or manufactured and it so effortless oozes out of her every pore.


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The once shy young girl, now a confident young woman, with a positive attitude, beaming smile that lights up a room, explained how modelling forced her out of her comfort zone.  “I’ve modelled since I was 17, I’ve travelled extensively to countries I never imagined modelling would take me to. All the photoshoots, fashion shows, people I met, highs and lows, all the experiences and lessons along the way, attributed to not only my journey but to the person I am now. It taught me so much and I grew and evolved as a person and as a model, with that came confidence and knowledge. Confidence in who I am, my body and so much more; I’m comfortable with me! It wasn't always that way.

The life of a model is not always glamourous and fun, it’s filled with rejection and disappointments but I’m a big believer in things work out as they are meant to. I've certainly had my fair share of disappointments, it's the nature of the business, you don't have that job security as you possibly would in another line of work. I remember times I'd be so down and disappointed when a job would fall through that I really wanted and then another opportinity even better presented itself soon after. Those scenarios taught me to trust the process and still keep moving forward. I’m also a big believer in manifesting and have manifested goals I wanted to achieve and those dreams turned into a reality!

The GUESS campaign, I, like most models, dreamed of being a GUESS girl, I definitely had that in my vision, I wanted to fulfil my GUESS dream and it happened! I also manifested being on GNTM, I was living in L.A. and knew it was soon time to move on, I had outgrown the city and achieved all I had my sights set on and thought what can I do next? What popped into my mind was Greece’s Next Top Model, I always loved the show and thought it would be great to be part of as I had so much experience and knowledge that would be benificial to the contestants. I’m Greek, I love Greece, I’m a model, I ticked all the boxes, I just knew I would be a good fit for the show in some form. I still can't believe how soon after I had the idea in my head, that the call came offering me the opportunity to join the cast of GNTM!”


"I’m a big believer in manifesting and have manifested goals I wanted to achieve and those dreams turned into a reality"


Walking alongside the statuesque Vitinaros in the glorious city of Athens, we walked the city streets, from Monastiraki to Kolonaki. As we strolled through the bustling city taking in our surroundings, the passer-byers were taking in the sight of seeing GNTM’s model instructor in person! Onlookers gazing in awe of her beauty, smiling with excitement seeing the Greek goddess before them, many being heard whispering ‘that’s her from GNTM”, and complimeting how even more beautiful she is in person, (of which she is). It was apparent the experience humbling and surreal for the Melbourne -born model now widely recognised.

I was later invited to join the model at a fitting for a custom-made dress she'd be wearing for an up-coming episode of GNTM. I had the privilege of being present at a behind-the-scenes look at a haute couture fashion house with the model and designer. Witnessing the love and admiration the designer and her team displayed for Mary, not just professionally but personally, was something that leaves you thinking, there’s just something about Mary. She is kind, super sweet, polite and courteous, yet fiercely determined and focused. A powerhouse combination of qualities that she embodies. The glamour exudes genuine warmth and likeability that’s captured the hearts of Greeks with her refreshing beauty inside and out!

Dressed in a custom-made Eirini Makkou creation


Since basing herself in Athens, Vitinaros has not stopped working long after the season wrap of GNTM and not just as a model. Her looks, character and personality makes television magic and has appeared on shows like Breakfast@Star and the popular car show TractioN.

Mary Vitinaros on TractioN with host Kostas Stefanis


Vitinaros’ strong work ethic, good sense of business in determining the right assignments and being able to use her discretionary powers to determine which offers to undertake and which ones to avoid, have served her well.

The model’s journey in Greece is just getting started, she’s excited and eager to see what’s next!

Mary Vitinaros:



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