Saudi Arabia and Czechia Shut Down Embassies In Afghanistan

Taliban Afghanistan

Saudi Arabia has shut down its embassy in Kabul fearing an attack on its diplomats, according to a statement by the Saudi foreign ministry issued on Tuesday.

Last week, there were reports that Saudi diplomats had withdrawn from Afghan capital in haste, but no official would cofirm the development.

A report by Reuters news agency quoted Taliban officials as saying that Saudi diplomats had left Afghanistan for ‘training’ and will return to the country.

The Saudi foreign ministry on Tuesday not only confirmed that its diplomatic mission had been closed in Kabul but also said that it had relocated its diplomats to neighboring Pakistan, reported Aaj News.

Afghan media reports suggested the Saudi embassy faced an imminent risk of terror attack from ISIS, also known as Daesh.

The Czech government has also closed its embassy in Kabul.

Although no country has formally recognized the Taliban government, many nations continue to operate their diplomatic missions in the country.

Pakistan’s ambassador to Kabul, Obaid Ur Rehman Nizamani, narrowly escaped a gun attack in December. One of his Pakistani guard was wounded.

Taliban made some arrests and blamed the attack on the ISIS.

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