SYRIZA MP Nektarios Santorinios has died age 51

MP Nektarios Santorinios

SYRIZA MP for Dodecanese and former minister Nektarios Santorinios passed away on Monday morning at the Rhodes hospital where he had been hospitalised for the last few weeks .

Nektarios Santorinios fought a hard but uneven battle with cancer in recent years but unfortunately he did not make it. In particular, the cancer was found in the pancreas, completely by accident.

According to Proto Thema, he wanted to start working out at the Parliament gym. He took the registration exam, however when the results came out the doctors rushed him to Athens while he was in Rhodes.

Who was Nektarios Santorinios

Nektarios Santorinios was born in 1972 in Rhodes and comes from Symi. He was married to Matina Hatzimarkou and is a father of two children.

He studied Chemical Engineering at E.M.P. and gained many years of work experience, both in the private and public sectors, mainly in environmental studies and the provision of consulting services.

Since 2000, he has worked in the Planning Office of the Municipality of Rhodes with the main tasks of project/action studies and proposals for inclusion of actions in European (2nd CSF, 3rd CSF, NSRF, Interreg, URBAN etc.) and National (Theseas, EPTA) , Green Fund etc.) co-financed programs.

He was Vice President and Secretary of the Board of Directors. of the Union of Engineers Public Servants Graduates of Higher Schools of Dodecanese and was a member of the delegation of the Panhellenic Federation of EMDYDAS.

Since his student years he has been active as an active citizen in the Left, then a member of SYN while from 2008 to 2014 he was Coordinator of the Prefectural Committee of SYRIZA South Dodecanese.

He was Regional Councilor of the South Aegean (2012-2014) with the faction "Citizens Against the Weather" and was a member of the Economic Committee of the South Aegean Region (2013-2014).

He was elected Member of Parliament for the Dodecanese with SYRIZA in the elections of January and September 2015. On November 5, 2016, he was appointed Deputy Minister of Shipping and Island Policy in the government of Alexis Tsipras.

A few days ago, and in particular on February 7, Nektarios Santorinios, had declared his intention to be a candidate again with SYRIZA in the upcoming elections, even though, as he had announced in a post on social media, he was fighting "a parallel and difficult battle with cancer".

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