'It's Not Photoshop, Let Him Rest In Peace': New Video Shows Sin Boy Dead In The Ambulance

Sin Boy rest in peace

Rumours and gossip surrounding Sin Boy continues after he died of a drug overdose in Kosovo. In fact, the rumours escalated so much that a TikTok video urged people to "let him rest in peace".

The first images from earlier this week showed the rapper unconscious in a yellow ambulance.

A video from the same ambulance was also uploaded on TikTok today. It shows the Greek-based Albanian rapper wearing an oxygen mask and lying with his eyes closed. The caption accompanying the video reads: "It's not Photoshop, let him rest in peace."

@sinboymc Σταματήστε τις φήμες ότι η φωτογραφία είναι φωτοσοπ και αφήστε τον να αναπαυθεί εν Ειρήνη #rip #sination ♬ original sound - Sin Boy

Sin Boy's death was announced in a recent post on the rapper's Instagram account. The caption of the post is written in both Greek and English for the first time.

Additionally, a black background has been added to the profile picture on his account, local media say.

"Unfortunately, the rumours are true, but Sin Boy is still being sabotaged by the media at this point," a statement on his Facebook said.

"He is not gone because his music will keep him alive forever. 1994- Everlasting,” it added.

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His sister confirmed the death on her Instagram page

The trapper became especially well-known and loved through his song "Mama", which went viral and thus, received a lot of love and publicity, while making connections with successful artists.

Theodore Agustin Gega (born 18 August 1994), known professionally as Sin Boy, is a rapper, singer and songwriter in Greece of Albanian descent.

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