Jammu and Kashmir experiences tourism boom

Jammu and Kashmir India Srinagar

In 2022, a remarkable achievement was witnessed in tourism industry of Jammu and Kashmir UT as huge inflow of tourists was seen at all the tourist places.

For the first time in history, record 1.88 Crore tourists visited UT in the year 2022 to enjoy the beauty of various famed tourist spots. The enhanced tourist arrivals has generated greatest employment, highlighting its overall development through a constructive approach.

Despite beautiful destinations, the past governments have not paid attention to the weak infrastructure in tourist destinations. Fortunately, the current administration has made countless efforts to heal the crippled tourist industry.

As per Government officials tourism broke all records with 1.88 crores of tourists visiting Jammu and Kashmir in 2022. The blooming tourism is evidence of how the administration is taking pains to generate jobs for hundreds of people.

This year tourism touched heights by providing employment to thousands of the youth of Jammu and Kashmir. The approach of the current administration has taken tourism to the next level. More and more tourist spots have been explored this year which proved to be fruitful for the people of the valley.

This has helped in adding the income of the UT. The Government has taken the responsibility to develop efficient infrastructure in the tourist regions.

They have promised to make these destinations better so that national and international visitors have proper security and better connectivity.

Many tourist delegations are in line to visit Kashmir. More bookings would be done to revive summer tourism. This year it is expected that the number of tourists will increase. The LG administration has been successful in boosting the economy and has also fulfilled the hopes of the people.

The livelihood of many homes is dependent on tourism. We expect that more and more tourists would be coming to Kashmir to enjoy its marvelous beauty. This will help us progress in the near future.


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