Winter Sales 2023: When Do They End?

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On Tuesday, February 28, the curtain falls on the winter sales for 2023. So customers have a few more days at their disposal to buy products at better prices.

It is recalled that the Union of Consumer Workers of Greece published a useful guide with the five rules that consumers should know about discounts.

In detail:

  • To do market research and check not only the price (original and new) but also the quality of the products. Also, look online for the price of the product they are going to choose, based on a code or model number, so they can be sure that the price they have found is the best.
  • To delineate their needs and plan with a list the purchases they are going to make, which will be in line with their personal or family budget, avoiding reckless spending.
  • To be informed about the details and terms of their transaction when purchasing products in installments. Especially for credit card purchases, always be informed of the terms and conditions of the particular purchase.
  • Products should bear the original price and the offer price (not the discount percentage).
  • Always ask for the receipt for the products they have bought. In case the product is defective and they want to return or exchange it, proof is necessary.

The announcement of the Business and Retail Association of Greece (SELPE):

"We inform the buying public that from January 9 to February 28 the winter sales will take place nationwide.

During the winter sales, retailers will offer a wide variety of products at very low prices, with impeccable service and respect for the consumer public.

We also inform the consumer public that our member companies have taken all the necessary measures for the faithful observance of all health rules".

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