It was 29 degrees in Chania on the last day of February!

Chania Crete

There were uncharacteristically high temperatures recorded in Greece on Tuesday, with Crete as the "champion", especially ​​Chania, where the mercury approached 29 degrees Celsius.

In the Peloponnese and also in island regions, temperatures above 22 degrees were recorded.

According to data from the network of automatic weather stations of the National Observatory of Athens/, the eight highest temperatures in the country on Tuesday were all recorded in the wider area of ​​Chania.

Specifically in Nerokouros of Chania (28.8), Platanias of Chania (28.7), Alikiano of Chania (28.6), centre of Chania (28.4), Kolymbari of Chania (27.8), Voukolies of Chania (27.5), Falasarna of Chania (27.4) and Stalos of Chania (27.4).

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