The Pyramid of Taygetus: Greece's Greatest Mystery (VIDEO)

Pyramid of Taygetus. Mt. Taygetus

The peak of Mount Taygetos or the Pyramid of Taygetus is located at 2407 metres altitude. It is perhaps the most impressive mountain peak in Greece and the most mysterious at the same time since it is accompanied by a riddle that has been unsolved for thousands of years.

The images of Manolis Nirgianakis who recorded the peak of Taygetus in white are truly captivating.

The pyramids of Ancient Greece, which occur mainly in the Peloponnese are indeed a miracle of art, architecture and science.

The most famous top of the Mountain is not the tallest but the most peculiar.

Shaped like a perfect pyramid, make many to believe that it is sculpted by human hands in prehistoric times.

Regardless,the stories told ,it's perfection still remains a mystery,

Every year on July the 20th, during the feast of the prophet Elias,at sunrise the shadow of the summit falls on Koroni and at sunset falls in Sparta.

Maybe the ancient Greeks had taken this into account when they decided where to build the mythical city in the valley of the Eurotas river...

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