Éclairs: The BEST patisseries in Athens for these fresh and delicious delights

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Éclairs are probably the only French dessert that those of us living in Greece know how to pronounce correctly, and therefore it is to no surprise that there is no shortage of excellent patisseries to devour these delights.

Few know that the word éclair means lightning and even fewer know that it was first made in France as recently as the the early 19th century.

In any case, this pastry got its name for many different reasons. First of all because of its shape and surface shine but also because it is so delicious  - so delicious in fact that it became popular very quickly all over the planet, with Greece being no exception.

And the most important thing? A fresh and well-made éclair that can be eaten in a flash!

Here are some pastry shops around the city that make it with love and fine ingredients, as listed by Olive Magazine.

Καμέλια (Camelia)

From 1972 until today, the éclairs of this patisserie are made with the exact same French recipe brought straight from Paris. Fluffy, rosy-baked dough, filled with velvety chocolate cream and shiny chocolate glaze on the outside is what makes it the most famous dessert of this particular shop for five decades.

28th October 2, Psychiko, tel.: 210 6717 134


Patisserie with a pure French air, Troufa specialises in fine sweets of all kinds. However, what the sweet tooth's of the northern suburbs, and beyond, arrive at his door every day for is his éclair.

Elegant in appearance, without particular volume or large shape, it has all the taste and finesse of the pure materials and the perfect techniques with which it is made.

4 Theseos St., Drosia, tel.: 210 8000 950


Éclairs here have many different faces. But let's start with the fact that they are completely handmade and always fresh, which is the most important thing.

Of course, the first in demand is their classic version, but some alternative versions stand out, such as those with pistachio and mocha. The lemon version is also worth a try for those who love sweeter options.

18 Ermou & 2 Diomeias, Syntagma, tel.: 210 3317 883


Words are unnecessary in this case as the top quality of the raw materials and the craftsmanship of the pastry chefs are evident in every creation. In a word, their éclairs are not to be played with, just like all their other sweets.

And the best?

The chocolate éclair has chocolate in the dough as well, while they also make an éclair with cream from real Tahitian vanilla with a coulis of fresh strawberries.

43 Ethnarchou Makariou, Peristeri, tel.: 210 5711 055 & 210 5759 684

Μετέωρα (Meteora)

A neighbourhood pastry shop that makes few but excellent sweets as they don't think of making any concessions on the purity of the ingredients they use.

Their dough is fluffy and a little crunchy, the filling chocolatey and sweet, while their coating is rich and shiny. They also make an individual éclair, huge and equally delicious.

23 Lelas Karagiannis, Lykovrysi, tel.: 210 2811 201

Belle Vue

It may be known for its oriental flavours but its classic French sweets are not far behind. The individual éclairs they make are large and hearty.

They feature plump but light pastry, filled with cocoa-infused cream. Its surface is completely covered by a thick, beautiful glaze.

El. 104 Venizelou Street, Nea Smyrni, tel: 210 9344 064

Μελιστάλακτο (Melistalakto)

Ever since it opened, its delicious and balanced French sweets meet the needs of even the most demanding palates without exaggerating sugar. Their Lilliputian éclairs, made with love and selected ingredients, ends the whole pleasure in only two bites.

67 Piraeus, Kaminia, tel.: 210 4810 091

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