Train Collision: Outpouring of Love for the Sole Survivor of the First Car - 'My Giant Fought'

train collision Gerasimos

The 20-year-old student of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Gerasimos, continues to fight for his life at the ICU of the Larissa General Hospital after being significantly injured in the train collision near Tempi on February 28.

The young student was traveling in the first carriage of the fatal train in Tempi, from which no passenger was spared except for him, who was miraculously saved. From the head-on collision, Gerasimos was thrown out the window and for this reason he escaped the following explosion and fire.

However, the impact when landing on the ground caused serious head injuries, for which doctors have so far subjected him to two surgeries. His parents and relatives are by his side and the entire community of Volos is also near them, praying for the child.

Indicative of the wave of love and support for the young student who is fighting for his life are the dozens of messages he receives on his Facebook account with wishes that he recovers from this difficult battle.

Check out some of the messages:

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It is recalled that there are now four injured from the deadly train collision in Tempi, who are being treated in ICUs, while another seven people are being treated with minor injuries in hospitals.

In particular, apart from 20-year-old Gerasimos, there is another girl hospitalised in the ICU of Papanikolaou, who is in a stable condition. Also, the two injured are in a stable condition in the ICU of the University of Larissa.

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