Despina Vandi makes tsourekia with her daughter Melina Nikolaidi - Watch the video

Despina Vandi, Melina Nikolaidi

Despina Vandi is preparing for Easter, together with her daughter Melina Nikolaidi, as seen in the last post she made on TikTok.

In the video she uploaded to her personal account, the two appear in their kitchen with their friends, making tsourekia.

The singer filmed both her daughter and her friends making the recipe.

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"So we're having tsourekia today and everyone's doing their best in this house," she can be heard saying at the start of the clip.

Both Nikolaidi and her friends don't seem to know what exactly they should do, which made them burst out laughing. In the end, it seems that they succeed with the dough and Vandi undertakes the kneading and weaving of the tsoureki.

Watch the video:

@desp1navandiofficialΑντε και καλο μας Πασχα!!!♬ πρωτότυπος ήχος - Despina Vandi Official

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