Vegans outraged by Jumbo's Easter ad featuring Tasos Bouga (See Video)

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The new Jumbo Easter ad with Tasso Bouga has started to receive negative comments, as vegans were angered by the new commercial and have taken to social media to show their disgust.

In particular, the company published a video on YouTube in which Tasos Bougas, an astronaut, goes to the Moon to celebrate Easter while singing a cover of Natasha Theodoridou's song "My Moon ". (To Feggari)

"Moon here, I will roast the lamb because the vegans kicked me out of my Earth. Come, my people. I treat because I am the guardian and angel of custom. Moon-dance. For them, the egret is old-fashioned; for me luxury eau de cologne. Come, my bakers, pride of the people, let the smoke choke the galaxy," he said characteristically, among other things, says the controversial singer.

Vegans were outraged by Jumbo's Easter ad featuring Tasos Bouga

The comments then "rained", with some stating that this ad mocks customers of the business because they have different preferences.

However, there are some positive comments about the ad, with some suggesting that not all people have the sense of humour to understand certain jokes.