Vicky Kaya on Sophia Hadjipanteli: "I don't know why she unfollowed me"

Vicky Kaya Sophia Hadjipanteli

Vicky Kaya gave an interview about what is heard about her character, while she also commented on the unfollow of Sophia Hadjipanteli on Instagram.

Speaking on the "Super Katerina" show, the model and Greece's Next Top Model (GNTM) judge spoke about Sophia Hadjipanteli and the fact that he stopped following her on social media.

"Sophia Hadjipanteli was my suggestion and I insisted very much on it. I had a lot of fun. You couldn't find her anywhere. I didn't unfollow her...," he said.

"I have spoken with Sophia Hadjipanteli's booker who called me to tell me that she hopes I didn't get her unfollow wrong and that she hopes we can work together again in the future. He did well and took me.

"I don't know why she unfollowed me, I have nothing to break up with her, only she knows, I don't hold any grudge against her."

Elsewhere in the interview, Vicky Kaya remarked that: "You know how much I needed a hug this year?" and added:

"My character is very whole, I'm very stable and that sometimes creates a problem because the characters who are like that are usually the ones who listen the most but that's okay, that's life."

Finally, she mentioned that she does not yet know if GNTM will continue next year, but also if she herself would like to be in it as she needs rest.

Hadjipanteli's unfollow

The model, who is very successful abroad and has worked with some of the biggest names in the field, seems that he did not "get along" with Vicky Kaya in their collaboration. The two even broke up, which is confirmed by the fact that Sophia Hadjipanteli unfollowed Vicky Kaya on Instagram.

After dozens of questions she received from her followers, Sophia Hadjipanteli revealed the reason for this action: "There is a reason for unfollowing someone," explained the model.

In fact, responding to the comment of one of her social media followers, Sophia Hadjipanteli said, photographing Vicky Kaya's face: "Babe unlike the other judges I have a career I care about. I don't just talk about what I have done... I actually do it.."

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The "feud" between Hadjipanteli and Kaya.

In December, reports circulated that the two women were always in a "feud", an event that was "triggered" by the intense disagreements they had in the fashion reality show.

In the semi-final of GNTM they broke up over Koty's tattoos.

While the judges were looking at the photos of the contestants, Vicky Kaya spoke positively about how the model's tattoos look in the photoshoot.

Sophia Hadjipanteli commented on her observation, saying that one Vicky Kaya wants a tattoo and the other doesn't.

"Different perspective, aha. Now we want your tattoos, before we didn't want them," said Sophia Hadjipanteli, with Kaya answering her: "I never want them".

"It doesn't matter, the others want them," she told her, and Vicky Kaya then asked her who she was referring to, with the model explaining to her that they are shutting her down for campaigns, just for her back.

“How many customers do that? Kaya asked her, with Sophia Hadjipanteli telling her: "Next week I close for my back tattoo."

At the end, the guest judge told Coty: "Please God is my witness. Don't go to a commercial photo shoot. I mean that as a compliment. Those who don't want your tattoos, you don't want them as customers."

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