Andromache serves up her vocals at McDonald's

Andromache McDonald's

Andromache performed paralili agapi at Mcdonalds' in Cyprus after her show.

In the live Tiktok video, she explains that the staff couldn't come out to see her as they were working.

So what did she do? She sang for the staff at the local Mcdonald's in Cyprus.

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Andromache – “Pes Tis”

In the aftermath of a breakup, many people become envious of the new person their partner moves on with. But Andromache isn’t the jealous type. Instead, Cyprus’ Eurovision 2022 star shares some advice with the woman her ex has now coupled up with: “Tell her to watch out for you / A tight hug to you / And from your love / Never run far”. Andromache delivers this message through the mid-tempo pop offering “Pes Tis” (“Tell Her”).


Andromache is a young talented singer and songwriter with a stage presence that reminds me of a beautiful fairy. She became widely known in 2015 when she participated in the talent show “The Voice” and made a difference with her distinctive tone. Her debut single was “To Feggari”, written by Giorgos Papadopoulos, one of the hitmakers of the new generation.

Unfolding her creative talent, Andromachi presented two singles that she wrote herself, “De Mporo” and “Den Se Dialeksa”, while her next single “, Na Soun Psema”, became a huge success, standing out on radio airplay and surpassing 2 million of YouTube views in a few months. Her live performances are also unique. Among others, Konstantinos Argiros chose to have her by his side for consecutive seasons, while she has also collaborated with Nikos Vertis and Nikos Oikonomopoulos.

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