Foreigners check out Greek real estate online

Property market in Greece set to rebound after covid-19

For the first time after 40 years of the Objective Determination of Real Estate Values system, citizens are now being provided on a nationwide scale and without spatial restrictions with the possibility of immediate information through the app

What is more interesting is that not only Greeks have used the system, but also thousands of citizens from other countries who are interested in investing in Greece. Golden Visas and the prospect of short-term rental utilization appear to be driving demand.

According to information, 44,490 people used the application in January and February, of whom 3,500 were from countries such as Germany (420), China (331), the UK (347), the US (490) and even Japan.

In fact, in the period from September 2022 to February 2023, the system served several million searches and real estate value calculations made by more than 130,000 different users, of whom 10,000 were from abroad. Data show the app has been used by expatriates from the US, but also Germans, Chinese and Britons, while there are also interested parties from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and Bermuda on the list.

Objective determination of values of real estate on maps

By using the actual map background, you can:

  • directly and precisely find the zone within the boundaries of which the property you are interested in is located
  • access all the digitised elements of the objective value determination system relating to the respective zone
  • calculate the objective value of your property for use in all document forms (Ε1-Ε5, ΑAGIS, K1-K9) using the objective value determination system
  • compare the values of neighbouring areas or values of the same area at different time intervals

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