This is "Sani" - The Pakistani mastermind who was going to pay €15,000 for every dead person in Greece


The photos of "Sani", said to be the Pakistani mastermind behind two of his compatriots who planned to attack a synagogue-restaurant in Athens and pay €15,000 for each victim (dead or injured), saw the light of day.

As soon as the details of "Sani's" action reached Greek intelligence, a red alert was immediately raised, which resulted in the specific case being upgraded to extremely serious. The 30-year-old "Sani" resides in Tehran, as reported by Alpha.

55In fact, he arrived in the Iranian capital, even though he had previously escaped from Pakistan because of murder charges.

This is Sayed Fakhar Abbas, who hails from the same village as the 27-year-old Pakistani who resided in Zakynthos. This is a person with much activity on social media - he has a presence through videos - but without raising suspicions as his profile refers to a simple everyday person.

In fact, there is also a video in which he appears to be doing gymnastics. In another video, he appears to be holding a military weapon in a Muslim prayer area.

The mock murder in Greece

The Pakistanis in Greece staged a mock murder in the past few days and sent the controversial photos to Iran to be paid. As Alpha reported, they slaughtered an animal for blood and then painted "the victim". They left a knife next to him and took the disputed photos.

But the "brain" from Iran did not believe and understood that it was staged.

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