Tsipras: A clear electoral victory for SYRIZA is needed from the start

Alexis Tsipras

Alexis Tsipras, leade of the SYRIZA-Progressive Alliance, spoke of "a general sense of injustice everywhere, in every aspect of the economy and society" during a meeting of the party's Central Committee meeting on Sunday.

Tsipras mentioned high consumer prices, direct assignments of large projects by the government, violations of the state of law, and labor violations as part of a strong criticism of Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis' government.

The premier's "so-called executive state proved to be a dismantled state. The so-called excellent [officials] proved to be useless, the so-called modernisation leaders became anachronists," the main opposition leader said, "proving how fake this entire mechanism of overwhelmingly powerful propaganda is, and how false and hypocritical is the head of the executive state."

He accused the prime minister of "pretending he had no idea of anything, no responsibility for anything - everyone else is responsible, except himself," referring to phonetapping and to the train collision at Tempi.

The party, the main opposition leader explained, had two responsibilities, to communicate its program and convince voters the plan could put an end to profiteering, indifference and injustice; and to win a majority in the elections.

"Change can only become a reality under one condition - the clear, undeniable electoral victory of SYRIZA" from the very first round of elections, he asserted, as "we are the only ones who can lead such an effort to change," with extensive popular support.

In terms of difficulties in finding political partners to form a coalition after the popular will gave victory to his party, Tsipras asked, "Which political leadership, of which political party, would decided to ignore this will? And shoulder the cost for Greece and itself of a series of electoral rounds that New Democracy seeks?"

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