Water utility companies will return to state control after the elections, says Premier on SKAI TV

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The upcoming May 21 national elections will "determine everything," and give New Democracy "a strong mandate to claim the country's stable governance in a potential second ballot," noted Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis in his interview to journalist Giorgos Aftias in Skai TV's 'Good Morning' (Kalimera) early morning show on Saturday.

The Greek Premier was referring to the fact that the May elections are to be held under the so-called 'simple proportional representation' system, which makes it hard for any single party to form a standalone majority government, thus setting the stage for a second round of voting approximately forty days after the first vote. In the second ballot, parties should be elected under a 'reinforced proportionality' system which grants the party that comes first 50 bonus seats in parliament.

The Athens and Thessaloniki water utility companies "will return to the State's control after the elections," Mitsotakis noted, emphasizing that "water is -and will remain- a public good." Mitsotakis added that the government "will respect fully the recent decision of the Council of State, and these two companies will leave the Hellenic Corporation of Assets & Participations (HCAP), [a.k.a. the 'privatizations Superfund'], and return to the direct control of the Greek State."

Mitsotakis reiterated that he welcomes the easing of tensions with neighboring Türkiye, but that his government "has always pursued it, yet without making any concessions to our positions and the defense of our sovereign rights and national sovereignty." Here, he pointed out that "there is a clear shift in the European Union which now recognizes the need to protect our borders as Europe, as this is where Europe's refugee and immigration policy begins."

The Evros border fence "will be built and completed, either with European or national funds," he stressed.

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