Despina Vandi answers questions from her famous friends: "I choose relationships based on honesty"

Vasilis Bisbikis, Despina Vandi

Despina Vandi received questions from her famous friends such as Natalia Germanou, Fay Skorda, Danai Barka, Christos Mastoras and Lakis Lazopoulos on issues related to both the professional and the personal.

The interview:

Christos Mastoras: This year we meet musically on the Enastron stage. What would you like to forget and what will you remember forever from our collaboration?

Despina Vandi: I will always remember our unique chemistry when we are all together upstairs.

Natalia Germanou: What do you want from the people you selectively put in your life? Do they stimulate and encourage you, or are they stricter, perhaps pointing out your vulnerabilities?

Despina Vandi: Now I choose to create relationships based on both honesty and mutual respect. Therefore, I am surrounded by people who, as I do, express their opinion with love and always with the intention of helping. And the harshest truth, if spoken with love, can stimulate and encourage you!

Natalia Germanou: If I were to write you a song right now, what word would you absolutely ask me to include in it?

Despina Vandi: "Gratitude". That's the first word that came to my mind.

Fay Skorda: You have two children that you adore. Melina is 19 years old and George is 15. How has your relationship developed now that they are growing up and have – each to a different degree – greater autonomy?

Despina Vandi: Every age has its challenges... I try to adapt to the needs of each phase of my children, without losing the mother-child relationship. But I won't hide from you that now that they are grown up I really enjoy that we can talk openly and discuss everything.

Danai Barka: You have the following phrases: 'I love you', 'I wish you didn't exist', 'come take me, my light', 'all that glitters is not gold', 'hello', 'I gave everything', 'everything leads to you'. Who or what would you dedicate them to?

Despina Vandi:"I love you" to my children. "I wish you didn't exist" in french fries! "Come take me my light" in the summer. "All that glitters is not gold" on Instagram. "Hello" to all that has passed and all that is to come. "I gave it my all" in the gym. "Everything leads to you" to Vassilis.

Lakis Lazopoulos: Does what we love the most in ourselves reveal to us the person we will fall in love with? In your case, is your secret love for the theatre the one that revealed Vassilis in front of you?

Despina Vandi: "My obvious love for the theatre led me to meet Vassilis. The rest was taken care of by the universe!”

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