Unbelievable but true: You can open a shop in Thessaloniki with 6 months free rent!

Thessaloniki rent

An advertisement in Thessaloniki is offering a businessowner a shop to use for six months without paying rent!

The post, indicative of the situation the Bit Bazar neighbourhood in Thessaloniki where there are many vacant shops, has been for a few days now in the window of an empty shop, which operated as an ouzo bar for almost 10 years.

The property acquired new owners a few months ago, who, according to AMNA, decided to make it available for use free of charge for six months.

"The rent is lower than it was before and we have decided to make it available for free for six months, in case this fact acts as a lure. Afterall, the area has now 'fallen' commercially while we know that whoever enters the store, because they want renovation, will need at least 2-3 months to fix it up and operate as a health facility," explained the owner of the property .

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He even noted that in the few days that he has posted the sign on the window, there have been several interested parties but no one has proceeded, so far, to rent it.

"However, in commercial leases, the two months are a given that no rent is paid," he added.

However, the specific area has "fallen" recently and there is no particular demand, as Theodoros Bagropoulos, who has been a broker in the area for many years, said.

The commercial value of the area, also known as the 'Monastiraki' of Thessaloniki since many antique shops have been operating for decades, has decreased significantly," especially on Tositsa Street, where the specific rented shop is located, there are others that have been closed for years.

The drop in commercial traffic, as well as the projects for the Metro in Egnatia, have greatly reduced the value of real estate," he said.

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