The flying beasts that rescues the Greeks from Sudan

C-27J aircraft greeks

The Air Force is on full alert to transport the Greeks trapped in Sudan.

As of Sunday evening, News Auto reported, the two C-130 and C-27J transport aircraft of the Hellenic Air Force are stationing at an airport in southern Egypt, in order to transport the Greek citizens to Djibouti, accompanied by 15 Greek commandos.

But who are these transportation beasts of our Air Force?

The C-130H Hercules

C-130H Hercules

It is a four-engine transport aircraft that can effectively perform a wide range of missions, which justifies its continuous production for four decades.

Two acquisition batches took place: the first between 1975-1977, which included ten C-130Hs, and the second in 1992, when five used C-130B aircraft were received from the USAF National Guard reserves.

Unfortunately, two Air Force aircraft were lost in air tragedies in 1991 at Mount Othrys and in 1997 at Oinoi, leaving the fleet with 13 transport aircraft.

The C-130s belong to the 356th Tactical Transport Squadron "Herakles", which is based at Elefsina airport. The Greek C-130s carry a four-colour "Vietnam" variant.

  • Crew: 5
  • Engines: C-130B Allison T-56-A7, C-130H Allison T-56-A-15 power 058 hp
  • Wingspan: 40.4m
  • Length: 29.8 m
  • Maximum speed: 621km the hour
  • Maximum Altitude (Loaded): 7,000m or 23,000 feet
  • Maximum altitude (empty): 10,000m or 33,000 feet

The C-27J Spartan

C-27J aircraft

The Air Force received a total of eight C-27J aircraft, known as "Spartans", used for operations such as airlift, humanitarian and airlift missions. It is a twin-engine transporter and performs airlift, humanitarian and airlift missions.

Greece has procured eight planes, the delivery of which began in 2004. The planes have joined the 354 Squadron "Pegasus", which had ceased its operational work in the late 70s. The legendary Noratlas, which carried out the "Victory" mission in Cyprus in July 1974, belonged to the 354 MTM.

The Greek C-27J Spartans have a solid gray variant .

  • Crew: 3
  • Engines: 2 Rolls Royce AE 2100D2 turboprops
  • Wingspan: 28.70m
  • Length: 22.70 m
  • Maximum speed: 602 km per hour
  • Maximum altitude: 9,150m or 30,000 feet

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