Nigerian man attacked a young woman in Athens and tried to rape her

crete handcuffs arrested Pakistanis

A Nigerian man attacked a young woman and tried to rape her using his fingers. Fortunately, the girl reacted and managed at the last moment to escape from the clutches of the would-be rapist, who was arrested by the Police.

The appalling incident took place today at 02:30 in the morning, Proto Thema reported. The girl was at the junction of Ermou and Agios Filippou streets, one of the central points of the centre, near Abyssinia square, when suddenly the 38-year-old man with a wild disposition jumped in front of her.

Taking his victim by surprise, the Nigerian grabbed her and tried to place his fingers on her genitals to rape her. The girl resisted, screamed and ran. Nearby people called who the police, who promptly arrived and arrested the man.

The 38-year-old was taken to the Acropolis Security Department, where a case was filed against him for attempted rape.

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